Rates are the lowest they have been in 45+ years

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January 19, 2021
Orange County, CA


E Mortgage Capital funded 4 Billion dollars in mortgage loans in 2020.

With the mortgage industry taking a recent turn for the better, there has been additional competition for businesses. Positioned in the world’s mortgage capital, Orange County, E Mortgage Capital is at the forefront of competitors when it comes to volume.

E Mortgage Capital, consisting of multiple branches and 350 employees and independent loan officers, prides itself on being one of the highest producing brokerages and non-delegated lenders in the industry. Being deemed a top 5 partner of UWM and Quicken (and being one of the highest-rated lenders online), they have established themselves as a critical partner with some of the industry’s most prominent players. 

 “There is a constant need to keep innovating, outworking everybody else, and above all, staying focused. Our team has grown dramatically over the past year, and we have no plans of slowing down. To do that, we have to find ways to add value both to our team members and to our valued clients,” E Mortgage Capital President Sam Hijazin.

With a successful 2020 behind them, E Mortgage Capital has taken it upon themselves to ensure their growth remains consistent regardless of market trends. In the final quarter of 2020, E-Mortgage Capital has hired additional key supporting staff members to implement their 2021 growth initiatives. E-Mortgage Capital is ready and looking forward to explosive growth to come in 2021.


“We are blessed to be in the position of guiding thousands of hardworking Americans to make one of the most important financial decisions of their life,” CEO Joe Shalaby.


E Mortgage Capital was founded in 2011, operating as a small mortgage brokerage in Irvine. Since then, it has grown to one of the top 10 lenders in the United States, funding $4Billion in 2020. With branches from California to Hawaii and hundreds of loan officers, E Mortgage Capital prides itself on implementing cutting edge mortgage practices and empowering the independent Loan Originator to have endless income earning potential. Offering all of our Loan advisors raw pricing, max compensation, and the best mortgage products and investors, the opportunity provided is best in class in customer service and satisfaction.


About the Company

For over ten years, E Mortgage Capital has been a respected mortgage company with what we believe to be the most competitive interest rates in the market, boasting a level of customer service most often associated with small local lenders. E Mortgage Capital has taken its commitment to customer service and diverse mortgage options to offer individual borrowers the flexibility of obtaining one of E Mortgage Capital’s many mortgage products by working directly with the staff of E Mortgage Capital, covering a wide range of borrower profiles. We can accomplish this using many credit solutions we offer to our clients at the lowest possible cost.


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